Quantum Biofeedback: the technology of the future

There is a reason why the Quantum Biofeedback system is called the technology of the future. A few decades ago, it seemed inconceivable to map the entire biological state of the living human body using a computer, using the body’s own vibrations to improve health. Today, thanks to Quantum Biofeedback and QXWorld, this is possible without the need for needles or any other form of penetration. It is a convenient, fast and stress-free way to unblock the body’s self-healing processes.

Quantum biofeedback: the technology of the future

The technology of the future, Quantum Biofeedback is based on the science of quantum physics. Also known as the physics of possibility, quantum physics reveals the interconnectedness of life that sages, teachers and masters have been telling us about since ancient times.

According to this branch of physics, all physical things, events and circumstances originate in the Universe, everything is in motion, everything is made up of energy. And if we delve deeper into Quantum Biofeedback technology, we can see how it can help us to maintain health, to restore a healthy balance.

What is biofeedback? 

After the basics of quantum physics, let’s look at what biofeedback is! It’s an English term for biological feedback. It is essentially feedback on how your body is working. During a treatment, sensors on the body and a computer system connected to them provide information about the body’s function and current state. 

The results allow us to make changes that can improve the way our body works, alleviate our symptoms and make us feel better, both physically and mentally. 

Biofeedback has also been successfully used to treat people with no detectable disease, because it improves general well-being, making the patient more energetic and fit.

Quantum biofeedback device 

We are not consciously aware of our body’s internal regulatory processes, we are not in control of them at will, just think of a rise or fall in blood pressure. The Quantum Biofeedback device gives us the opportunity to consciously regulate all of our physiological functions by providing us with constant feedback. 

The Quantum Biofeedback device measures biological functions, and by changing these parameters at will, the patient has the opportunity to improve his or her own condition.

In Oriental medicine, yogis and monks have always been able to modify their breathing, pain sensations, heartbeat to feel better and function better by carefully observing their bodies and meditating. 

The Quantum Biofeedback device and biofeedback therapy helps us to learn to change the way our body works by measuring what is happening inside our body and feeding back the results, consciously striving for harmony.

The Quantum Biofeedback device can map:

  • nutritional deficiencies, intestinal status
  • vitamin and mineral levels in the body
  • allergies, food sensitivities
  • toxins, poisons
  • toxins, toxins, toxins, toxins, toxins, toxins, bacteria, fungi, bacteria, parasites, viruses
  • levels of important enzymes, fatty acids or hormones
  • risk factors
  • physical body condition, such as organs, muscles, bones
  • brain waves
  • mental stress
  • emotional barriers, traumas

Quantum Biofeedback treatment

The Quantum Biofeedback treatment is based on an assessment of the body’s condition to identify the stress factors that inhibit the body’s ability to heal itself. Stressors can be congenital factors or environmental harms acquired during our lives. 

By placing the sensors (comfortable straps) on the patient in a relaxed position, the system conducts an energetic test and the Quantum Biofeedback method can be used to correct and reduce the stress factors identified. 

Biofeedback treatment is most often used as an adjunctive therapy or alternative method for pain relief, migraines, headaches, muscle aches, blood pressure problems, circulatory problems, heart problems, musculoskeletal disorders, incontinence, but it also performs well in the area of skill development. 

It can be used to improve individual skills, concentration and performance in sports. Biofeedback therapy is also used for relaxation or to develop business people and managers.